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Why Digital Impressions are Better for Your Teeth

Digital Impression in Dentistry

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Dentistry in Yelahanka | Dental Sage. In this article, let us know about Why Digital Impressions are Better for Your Teeth by our dentist.

Not many patients enjoy visiting dentists for dental impressions. If you ever needed a veneer, bridge or a crown and have had a dental impression for the same, you know what we are talking about. The pain, the gag reflex and the overall discomfort that it causes, can make patients loathe visiting their dentist for a dental impression.

We hear you, and we feel you. Therefore, we have made advanced digital impression solutions available at Dental Sage, the Best Dentistry in Yelahanka. If you are wondering how a digital impression is different from a regular dental impression, the answer is very simple.

How Does Digital Impression Work?

During your digital impression session, dentists create a virtual replica of the soft and hard tissues of your mouth using laser beams and other scanning devices. In simpler words, a wand-like device that emits laser beams is used to digitally capture the structural details of your oral cavity. This data is later transferred onto a computer and is later used to build necessary restorations for your teeth.

The impressions captured through digital means are more precise and accurate than those obtained through molds. All these factors translate to a more comfortable experience for patients. Lastly, the entire procedure may take up to 60 – 90 seconds.

Why Should You Consider Digital Impression
Digital Impression – Dentistry in Yelahanka – Dental Sage

Why Should You Consider Digital Impression?

Following are the main reasons why you should consider digital impressions:

  • They come with more accurate results, which help in obtaining more appropriate dental restorations.
  • Since there is no physical impression involved, digital impressions reduce overall discomfort, which includes pain and possible gag reflex.
  • Dentists can get the impressions taken within 2 minutes.
  • This data can be stored electronically for a long time.

We, at Dental Sage the Best Dentistry in Yelahanka, have well-trained dentists who have immense experience in managing a wide range of dental problems and also preventing them. With this, we aim to deliver the highest quality comprehensive dental care to patients in and around the city.

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