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Partial dentures in Yelahanka | Dental Sage. BPS dentures are stable, comfortable and aesthetic and can help you have a charming smile.

Partial dentures in Yelahanka, Bangalore | Dental Sage

BPS Dentures

Partial dentures in Yelahanka | Dental Sage is one of the best dental clinics in Yelahanka and helps to get BPS dentures near me at reasonable prices


BPS Dentures, also known as Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures, are a pair of complete dentures that are both functional and aesthetic, while also being comfortable.

The BPS dentures are built using the precise details of your facial features that are recorded using high-end instruments to reconstruct the nature of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles. 

At Dental Sage, which is the best dental clinic in Yelahanka, we help our patients get BPS dentures at reasonable prices. Nothing brings us more joy than putting a smile on our patients’ face.

Partial dentures in Yelahanka | Dental Sage

How do BPS Dentures Work at dental sage

The unique BPS dentures are built using the revolutionary IvoBase Injection System.

One of the drawbacks associated with traditional dentures is that during the processing the dentures are usually shrunk, and therefore, they do not fit the jaw properly. BPS dentures, which are built using the IvoBase Injection System, fix this problem. As a result, BPS dentures provide you with the best fit possible and make it look and feel like your original teeth.

Partial dentures in Yelahanka, Bangalore | Dental Sage. BPS dentures are unsurpassed because they are manufactured with high-quality teeth sets and are built on a jaw simulator. They are made of well-researched and approved dental materials, so they do not break easily.

Advantages of BPS Dentures

  • BPS dentures give you enhanced comfort and do not cause any irritation. They make your smile, speech and laugh look natural.
  • These dentures facilitate all major functions, such as eating, biting, chewing, etc., with ease as these dentures are processed through continuous injection molding technique. BPS dentures allow you to eat all kinds of foods.
  • BPS dentures do not distort taste.
  • BPS dentures also show excellent fracture resistance.
  • These dentures also have good resistance to bacterial invasion, and do stain or cause odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

BPS dentures fit perfectly to your jaw, and therefore, critical functions like biting, chewing and eating can be performed more comfortably.

However, it will take some time to become used to eating with dentures; but with practice, you will be able to bite and chew more naturally.

Wearing dentures in your sleep, regardless of the type, is a bad decision that will lead to a slew of health problems down the road. Always make it a point to remove your dentures every night before going to bed. This will help you in keeping your mouth free of bacteria and maintaining your gum health, along with preventing bone loss.

To remove food, plaque, and other deposits, soak your dentures and wash them with a soft-bristled brush and nonabrasive denture cleanser. Clean the grooves that fit against your gums to eliminate any residual glue if you use denture adhesive. Please avoid using denture cleaners within the mouth.

Yes, even after getting your dentures, you will still need regular dental checkups. These checkups are necessary to ensure that your oral health is good.

Regular oral checkups can help your dentist to monitor the condition of your BPS dentures. Over time, your jawbone tends to shift, and this may affect the way the dentures fit your jaws.

Checkups help dentists find this issue early and recommend necessary corrections in your dentures. Also, regular dental checkups can help in reducing your oral cancer risk.

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