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Tooth Impaction in Yelahanka – Get advanced wisdom tooth impaction surgery in Yelahanka done at Dental Sage to preserve your oral health.


Tooth impaction is a common dental condition, wherein the third set of molars only emerges partially or not at all. Impacted teeth linger in your gum tissue or bone for a longer period than they should. The most common problem is overcrowding. If your wisdom teeth come in at a distorted angle or shift, they may become impacted. 

That said, your other teeth, such as canines, incisors, and premolars can also be impacted, and they will need appropriate medical attention as well. 

Signs of Tooth Impaction

Some of the key signs of tooth impaction include:

  • Bad breath
  • Pain, redness, swelling, and tenderness in the gums and jaws
  • Difficulties opening your mouth
  • Tooth decay
  • Headaches
  • Alignment disturbances of other teeth
  • Gum disease
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How to Treat Tooth Impaction?

If you think you have an impacted tooth, consult your dentist or visit Tooth Impaction in Yelahanka at the earliest. Initially, your dentist will recommend an X-ray scan to check the exact position of the impacted tooth; and later, he/she will recommend the necessary treatments accordingly. An impacted tooth can be treated in the following ways:

Monitoring: If your impacted tooth is not causing any serious problems, then your dentist may recommend the wait-and-see approach, wherein the impacted tooth is regularly monitored for symptoms or complications. Once it starts causing complications, the dentist may recommend surgery.

Surgery: Surgery is largely recommended for impacted wisdom teeth. Extraction surgery for wisdom teeth is typically performed as an outpatient treatment in an oral surgeon’s clinic, allowing you to return home the same day. You’ll be put under a local anesthetic for the surgery, which takes 45 to 60 minutes on average. The procedure may take 7 to 10 days to recover from.

Eruption aids: If your canine tooth is impacted, eruption aids may be utilized to help it erupt properly. Braces, brackets, or the extraction of baby or adult teeth blocking the canines are a few ways a dentist can use to make the impacted canine erupt. These techniques are most effective when used on children.

If the eruption is not possible, the affected tooth must be extracted and replaced with a dental implant or bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

It can lead to a variety of issues, some of which are serious, such as difficulty in brushing, which can result in tooth decay and infection. Wisdom teeth that are partially impacted are difficult to brush, leaving them more susceptible to decay. You may increase your chances of acquiring cavities if you ignore your impacted tooth

A tooth becomes impacted when there isn’t enough room in your mouth for it to emerge. This could be due to hereditary factors or improperly administered orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom teeth that have been impacted can cause discomfort, damage to neighboring teeth, and other dental issues. In some cases, wisdom teeth cause no problems. However, because they’re difficult to keep clean, they’re more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease than other teeth.


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