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Help your child effectively prevent various dental disorders.

Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry, also known as pedodontics, is a field of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of children from infancy to adolescence. A pediatric dentist is someone who specializes in managing dental health of children.

The Need for Visiting Pediatric Dentist

Tooth decay is fairly a common problem in today’s children, who are exposed to a variety of dental problems. The milk teeth eventually fall out, but the permanent teeth require special attention. If a child’s dental hygiene is neglected, he or she may be subjected to painful procedures and treatments.

Pediatric dentists educate youngsters on how to brush and care for their teeth. A pediatric dentist is the greatest choice for meeting the oral needs of children and learning about pediatric dentistry.

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Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

Visiting a pediatric dentist can have various benefits.

  • Seeing a pediatric dentist can assist both the child and the parent become more aware of common childhood habits, along with oral health issues.
  • This can help you prevent various dental problems commonly seen during adulthood.
  • Visiting a dentist from a young age may also help children cultivate healthier oral habits.

Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Understanding the causes of common pediatric dental disorders will help you and your child learn how to avoid them. Here is the list of common dental problems seen among children:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease
  • Teeth Misalignment Issues – Overbite, Underbite, Open bite, Teeth Gap, etc.
  • Dental Anxiety and Phobia
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Bad Breath
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Excessive Thumb Sucking

Pediatric Dentistry Services Offered at Dental Sage

Dental Sage offers a wide range of services under pediatric dentistry:

  • Comprehensive Dental Examinations
  • Preventive Services
  • Restorative Dental Procedures
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Emergency Care
  • Interceptive Orthodontics


Our clinic is fully equipped to manage a wide range of pediatric dental problems. We use evidence-based treatment approaches and compassionate care so that the patient is comfortable and cooperating throughout the treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dental sealants can be extremely effective in preventing tooth decay in children. By sealing the teeth that are largely used for chewing, dental sealants can help in reducing the risk of cavities and decay among children.


Ideally, you must take your child to a dentist once every six months. It helps us clean your child’s teeth and keep them clear of plaque and tartar. We will not only check for dental decay, but also any anomalies in the teeth spacing, bite, tooth mobility, and facial structure with regular check-ups.

A balanced diet goes a long way in improving oral health among children. Meat, fish, and eggs, along with vegetables and fruits, bread and cereal, and milk and other dairy products, should all be included in a daily diet. Snacking, on the other hand, should be kept to a minimum.


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Interesting Facts about Teeth and Dentistry

Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different. Kids laugh around 400 times a day, adults just 15 times a day.