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Best Orthodontist in Yelahanka | Dental Sage provides the best orthodontics outcomes by our orthodontist.

Best Orthodontist in Yelahanka | Dr. Smita Pattanayak | Dental Sage


Best Orthodontist in Yelahanka | Dental Sage provides advanced dental braces and Invisalign treatment with best outcomes by our orthodontist.


Dental braces are appliances that are used to straighten crowded or crooked teeth, as well as a misaligned jaw (malocclusion).


It is a highly comfortable and effective method of fixing your teeth alignment. It is also a less painful way of straightening the teeth.

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Interesting Facts about Teeth and Dentistry

The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles about 8 times a day.

Podcast: The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment in Yelahanka, Bangalore

Orthodontic treatment is a branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting irregularities and misalignments of the teeth and jaws. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to improve the function, appearance, and overall oral health of the patient.

Orthodontic problems can arise due to various factors, including genetics, dental habits, oral trauma, or abnormalities in jaw development. Common orthodontic issues include crowded or crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and gaps between teeth.

Orthodontic treatment typically involves the use of appliances, such as braces or clear aligners, to apply gentle forces to the teeth and gradually move them into proper alignment.

So, In this podcast, Dr. Smita Pattanayak, Dentist Near Me Yelahanka and director of Dental Sage talks about “Some of the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment”. So, keep listening to this podcast episode till the end.