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Post and Core

Build a strong foundation for your damaged teeth with a post and core.

Post and core Dental Treatment in Yelahanka | Dental Sage

Post and Core

Post and core Dental Treatment in Yelahanka | Dental Sage helps to build a strong foundation for your damaged teeth with a post and core after RCT.


Post and core is a dental repair procedure that is sometimes used after a root canal. A post and core can assist maintain a dental crown in place when a major piece of the tooth’s structure is removed. To protect teeth from additional injury or infection, dental crowns are placed on top of them.

Post and core Dental Treatment in Yelahanka | Dental Sage

How Do a Post and Core Work

A post and core is basically a dental prosthetic device that is used when there is not sufficient tooth structure remaining to facilitate restoration or placement of artificial crown.

How the Post Works: The post is a short metal rod that is put into the tooth’s root space and protrudes a few millimeters from the root. It is utilized to keep the core or filler in place.

Post and core Dental Treatment in Yelahanka | Dental Sage. A post and core can only be produced for a tooth that has received root canal treatment since the post is put into the root canal.

How the Core Works: During the preparation of a new dental crown, the core replaces lost tooth structure. A dental core may usually be made entirely of composite materials and held in place without the use of a post.

A dental post, on the other hand, can be utilized to help the core stay in place on the tooth. In such cases, the core is also made up of metal alloys, and the entire prosthetic device is called post and core.

Advantages of Post and Core

The goal of a post and core procedure is to save a tooth that has lost a significant amount of its internal structure.

A post and core secure a dental crown to a tooth’s surface, protecting it from infection and additional deterioration.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the treatment, you may still have numbness for a while; thus, we suggest you not eat anything until the numbness wears off, as you may bite your tongue or lip accidentally. Once the anesthetics wear off, you may experience slight pain.

This entirely depends on the condition of your tooth. If your tooth structure is good even after cleaning and finishing the root canal procedure, a crown can be placed by itself. However, if your tooth structure is weak and cannot hold a crown by itself, a post and core becomes necessary.

Unfortunately, no. Posts do not strengthen your teeth. Studies have found that posts can weaken the teeth and may even cause a dental fracture. However, it is a less expensive option for a dental implant, and therefore, it is still widely used all over.

In most cases, dental cleaning is a painless procedure as it does not involve any injection or cutting.

In some cases, where there is too much tartar buildup, cleaning can cause discomfort to patients. However, this discomfort is manageable with oral conscious sedation.

Keeping your teeth healthy is simple. Ensure you have good oral hygiene that involves brushing twice, tongue scraping and flossing. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco as these harm your teeth. Opt for regular dental checkups and dental cleaning to keep your teeth bright and shiny. 

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