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Root Planing

Protect your gum health with regular root planing.

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Root Planing

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Root planing improves oral health and avoids the progression of advanced gum disease. This treatment removes germs, toxins, and tartar from the cementum and surface dentin. In order to facilitate proper healing, the root of the tooth is also polished. Root planing is often done with scaling in order to remove the plaques and tartar buildup efficiently

How Does Root Planing Work?

Root planing is performed only after the dentist performs a thorough oral examination. 

Local anesthesia may be utilized depending on the current state of the gums, the amount of calculus (tartar) present, the depth of the pockets, and the advancement of periodontitis.

Root planing is a procedure that removes germs, poisons, and tartar from the cementum and surface dentin. In order to encourage optimal healing, the root of the tooth is actually polished. Having clean, smooth root surfaces makes it more difficult for germs to colonize in the future.

Antibiotics may be used to treat gum pockets after these deep cleaning treatments. This will relieve irritation and aid in the rapid healing of the gum tissues.

Advantages of Root Planing

  • Root planing helps you have healthy teeth.
  • It also helps you prevent unpleasant breath.
  • Root planing plays a significant role in preventing gum disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having gum diseases, which are characterized by symptoms of swelling, pain and bleeding, you may need root planing. 

However, the dentist will thoroughly examine all possible options, and only proceeds with the treatment option that is best for you and your teeth

Yes. Root planing can cause pain in some cases. During root planing, a local anesthetic may be used to reduce discomfort. You may experience greater sensitivity and irritation as a result of the procedure. However, once your gums have healed from therapy, you should have considerably less difficulty eating, brushing, and flossing.

Consider waiting for two hours at least before eating, then stick to a soft diet for the next 48 to 72 hours, chewing on the other side of your mouth. Until your gums have recovered, stay away from alcoholic beverages and hot or spicy foods. 

Apart from this, please follow all other instructions given by your dentist.

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In most cases, dental cleaning is a painless procedure as it does not involve any injection or cutting.

In some cases, where there is too much tartar buildup, cleaning can cause discomfort to patients. However, this discomfort is manageable with oral conscious sedation.

Keeping your teeth healthy is simple. Ensure you have good oral hygiene that involves brushing twice, tongue scraping and flossing. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco as these harm your teeth. Opt for regular dental checkups and dental cleaning to keep your teeth bright and shiny. 

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