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4 Creative Ways to Turn Brushing into a Playtime Adventure

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Are you struggling to make your child brush every day?

Is he throwing tantrums every single day because he does not like brushing at all?

Has your home turned into a war zone because you have to force your little one to brush?

If all the answers to the above question are “Yes”, this blog is only for you. Spare a few minutes from your hectic life and read the blog to discover four magical ways to turn brushing into an adventurous event for your little one.

Ways to make brushing a fun-filled adventure

Parents often struggle to make their children understand the necessity of brushing. The little one cries havoc to protect against their parents’ relentless pursuit to make them brush their teeth. As a result, parents force their children, scold them, and scream at them to ensure the children get into the habit of brushing.

But little do we adults know that children cannot be swayed against their will. Rather, the situation goes out of hand. Also, it is difficult for the little ones to understand the importance of dental wellbeing.

So, what should we adults do? Should we give up?

Absolutely not. We should devise plans to ensure that brushing becomes a fun-filled activity for our children. Here are 4 ways that can be applied to turn the boring habit of brushing into an exciting and enjoyable one.

Best Dental Clinics Near Me | Dental Hygiene Month | Dental Sage
Best Dental Clinics Near Me | Dental Hygiene | Dental Sage

1. Be an example

We all know that children usually follow or mimic their elders. So, ensure that the elders of the family brush along with the little ones. Set aside a time in the morning and also before going to bed when all members of the family can brush together. By following the elders, children will eventually develop the habit of brushing.

2. Buy an attractive toothbrush

Most children love cartoons. Parents can give their children toothbrushes that are designed with images of their favourite cartoon characters. Also, buy a colourful and attractive toothbrush to lure the little ones into brushing.

3. Play their favourite music

Music can always lighten up our mood. Play some entertaining music and dance along to the rhythm while brushing, and see how much your child will love brushing.

4. A reward is always fascinating

Children love gifts. May that be stickers or a toy, everything makes them happy. Set goals for them, like if they brush for 15 days straight, every day in the morning and at night, they will be gifted with a pack of Doraemon stickers and see how effectively the idea works. A child’s dental wellness is a matter of huge concern for every parent. So, instead of forcing the little ones to brush their teeth, use strategies to make them fall in love with brushing. Remember, a strong foundation at a tender age can lead to stronger and healthier teeth when the little ones grow up.

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