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Podcast 36: 5 Main Common Causes Of Tooth Pain

Podcast On Causes of Tooth Pain | Dental Clinic Near by Yelahanka | Dental Sage

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Dental Clinic Near by Yelahanka | Dental Sage

Welcome to our “Behind the Smiles: The Oral Health” Podcast and I am your host Dr. Smita Pattanayak, Dentist Near Me Yelahanka and director of Dental Sage with you.

Have you ever faced the problem of toothache? Do you have a toothache? If yes, then you must know that toothache is the worst of all pains. Toothache is so sharp, terrible, shooting, and radiating that it can even make a healthy person unconscious. It has also been observed that despite treatment, many dental problems remain for a long time and cause persistent pain.

Some dental problems are serious and can cause sudden severe pain from time to time. There can be many reasons for toothache, including cavities, infected gums, accumulation of food, hard trauma on the teeth, etc.

On a lighter note, you can call dental problems neutral, as it affects children, adults, and older people. However, the duration and cause of the pain can vary from person to person. Keep one thing in mind: the problem of a toothache can become more serious when you ignore it! You must visit a dentist at Dental Clinic Near by Yelahanka to find out the cause of your toothache and avoid further damage.

In today podcast, our dentist will discuss “5 common causes of toothache problems”, which will help you to avoid those things.

So, keep listening to this podcast episode till the end.

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