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Podcast 47: Common Challenges in Crown and Bridge Placement

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Welcome to Behind the Smiles, the Oral Health podcast show. I’m Dr. Smita Pattanayak, your host. In today’s episode, let’s discuss the “Common Challenges faced during Crown and Bridge Placement”.

Crown and bridge placement can present various challenges for dentists. One common challenge is achieving optimal fit and margin adaptation. It’s crucial for crowns and bridges to fit precisely, ensuring a tight seal to prevent bacterial infiltration and further complications. Dentists employ meticulous techniques and use high-quality materials to address this challenge effectively.

Another challenge lies in managing occlusion and bite alignment. Proper occlusion is essential for maintaining balanced forces during biting and chewing. Dentists carefully analyze the patient’s bite and make necessary adjustments to ensure the restoration functions harmoniously with the rest of the dentition.

So, keep listening to this podcast episode till the end.

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