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Are you too afraid to visit a Dentist? Just Relax!

Dental Anxiety - Dental Care in Yelahanka - Dental Sage

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Dental Care in Yelahanka | Dental sage

Did you know in about 1000 people surveyed about 50-80 of them admit having some kind of anxiety in visiting a dentist! You are definitely not alone and it is ok and you just need to relax.

What kind of anxiety we are talking about here, some may wonder? Well, it could be anything between just a mild nervousness caused from the thought of a dentist visit to a trauma in some instances which depends on person to person.

The problem starts when this fear stops you from getting the adequate basic dental care on timely basis. Be it a regular dental check up or teeth cleaning exercise. This may eventually result in a gum disease or even worse oral complication. But you must know are ways to overcome this fear and ensure your teeth and gums are healthy for the longest period of time.

Dental Care - Dental Care in Yelahanka - Dental Sage
Dental Care – Dental Care in Yelahanka – Dental Sage

Step 1: Acknowledge the Anxiety.

How do we get rid of this anxiety of opting for dental care? Is first by acknowledging the fact that there is a dental phobia in us. Psychology says you can’t overcome something unless you acknowledge it. Once this is done, we need to find out why there exists this anxiety or what caused it because out of 100 people 90 do not have it so your chances of getting there are pretty broad. Some common reasons behind such phobia could be a rare negative experience with the dentist in the past unfortunately or you are not sure of your self control during the treatment or it could be really a anxiety disorder within you. Other possibility could be that of your awareness of the present bad condition of your teeth which may need a deeper treatment or a surgery immediately and you wish to avoid that.  However, it should be noted that – the more you allow these micro-organisms to grow the longer or deeper your treatment is going to be.

Talk about it!

Share this anxiety in your mind with your close ones, it could be your family members or friends or colleagues. It helps relive you from the stress and might well even surprise when you discover that there are more people who are on the same boat as you are and together you can come out of this faster.

Let your Dentist Know about it!

The first priority for a dentist is to ensure that you are comfortable first. Openly sharing your concern helps them design a properly customized treatment plan that takes care of your anxieties with ease and deliver the result you came for ensuring a pleasant experience. They are well trained and well equipped to handle your anxiety.

Anxiety may also have got developed because you may not have sufficient knowledge on the procedures applicable to you, if they are painful or not and what the dentist has in his disposal to offer you a painless treatment. The minute your dentist takes out some time to explain your tooth condition and relevant treatment options or even lets you choose what suits you the best – you will be naturally comfortable with the entire procedure then onwards. So, talking to them helps than avoiding the visit. For instance, you cannot be on pain killers forever if you have a cavity that is bad –when it gets severe it can ruin your day and night alike and at one point you have to get rid of it. Instead, why not have your teeth regularly checked and let your dentist know the earliest signs of any tooth going bad and have healthy set of teeth always.

Dental Priority - Dental Care in Yelahanka - Dental Sage
Dental Priority – Dental Care in Yelahanka – Dental Sage

Possibility of an anxiety disorder

When we say anxiety disorder, this phobia may not be just restricted to the visit to the dentist alone – it could occur to you in many other similar pre-conditions in general. It may amplify when you are let’s say made to wait or put in a pressure situation where the outcomes are uncertain etc.

Well, there is nothing to worry, you just need some additional help to get over it and there is plenty of help available out there today.

Your dentist can make a lot of difference – their skills will come into play and make you comfortable, so you take the first step. Visit them to just to discuss and see.

This article is contributed by Dr. Dr Smita Pattanayak, Director and prosthodontist at Dental Sage , Yelahanka, Bangalore. Book your appointment with Best Dentist in Yelahanka.

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